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The success of the pandora charms

Started by facvory 2017-12-05 at 08:34
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The success of the pandora charms

For many, the success of the charm pandora charms online sale phenomenon is intrinsically linked to our sentimentality. As a society, we have long looked to jewellery to mark significant occasions. This modern day equivalent takes the tradition of marking milestones to a new level. About to start a new job? The four-leaf clover charm makes for the perfect leaving present. Newly wed? Give the gift of a church bell charm. There are also charms dedicated to celebrating new arrivals to the family, “big” birthdays, pets, hobbies and iconic landmarks, not to mention a series of styles dedicated to seasonal holidays, from Christmas trees to the Easter bunny.

This trend for wearing our life on our sleeve is reflective of our collective demand for products pandora charm bracelets that offer an element of personalisation. It’s also indicative of a shift in the way that women buy jewellery. While the purchase of rings and bracelets was once predominantly a transaction between a man and a woman, many of today’s most successful jewellery brands are ones that speak to girl’s girls, with friends buying for friends, daughters for mothers and sisters swapping. This inclusive attitude is also evidenced in the brand’s accessible price point, with charms coming with price tags as low as £20.

Nowadays, what began with a range of just 16 charms— including a plain sterling silver heart that still holds pandora gift sets the title of bestseller, with more than three million sold since its launch — spans more than 700 charms and accounts for 75 per cent of global revenue.