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materials. The high-quality spring water of 1200 meters above sea level is used to ensure the raw materials, authentic, safe and reliable generation. Inheriting the ancient winemaking process, after the microbial fermentation in the constant temperature and constant humidity cave Newport 100S Price, the 40-72 degree wines of the collection are blended, and the wines of 53 degrees, 55 degrees and 60 degrees are taken into the pots. It is sealed with kraft paper and mud and buried in the earth for more than one year. The aging of the warehousing has been more than 3 years old, and it is favored by consumers: wine and wine, such as nectar and jade liquid, mellow and mellow, and the aftertaste is endless. Then look at the wax products of Tujia ancient method and dark smoked. The 1200-mu plateau is distributed along the Qingjiang River. Native pigs are naturally farmed. The farmer's soil pig breeding, free-range in the mountain pastures, running and sunning. These pigs are idle, but they also resist the brain, hit the waist Wholesale Cigarettes For Resale, and the girl has a hip. In one year, the pigs grow to more than 200 kilograms per head, and they must contribute to humanity. At the foot of the mountain, four or five bungalows are surrounded by a three-story building. These bungalows are the smoked workshops of meat products built by Tujia ancient methods. The wax ribs, waxed hooves and waxed pork, which are smoked by the ancient method, are uniformly mixed with a certain proportion of salt, pepper, fennel, star anise, cinnamon and other raw materials, and then marinated into the tank. After 7-15 days, the brown leaf ropes are hanged and dried, and processed. In a special dry and ventilated room, it is also called dark scorpion. It is hung with pig's trotters, pork ribs, sausages, pork belly and smoked bacon. It is selected from the fire of eucalyptus and cypress, and it is smoked by the Tujia ancient method. Baked authentic Tujia bacon is smoked in the long, smoky. We served as a diners, ate the shovel and stewed alpine radish, fried pork with alfalfa and fried alpine cabbage stems (cut the cabbage stem into slices, remove the leaves) and add garlic seedlings. It feels like a fragrant scent, as if it has returned to an unforgettable Happy childhood, eating the home-grown pork, eating crispy and crispy fried peanuts, eating the sugary dumplings and chewing slowly, slowly reminiscent of the carefree, memorable time There are Tujia ancient bumblebee barrels to raise wild honey, but also very good wildflowers in the mountains. Some of the yellowish yellow flowers, the petals are white; some are blue in the purple, a cluster, a cluster; some are like pink hydrangea, round, but the surface of the ball evenly spreads a few stamens The color fades from the inside out; some small flowers are dotted Buy Cigarettes Online Cheap, dense and covered with hillsides. Oddly enough, at the end of April, a ridge, a ridge, a blooming flower of gardenia, surrounded by the mountainside, the plant is absolutely trimmed, the height is about 70 cm, the branches are densely interlaced, Like a fence wall, unlike a single plant, the plant is tall, the foliage is free to stretch. The wild bumblebee collects wildflowers and medicinal flowers, and brews a hundred nectar rich in amino acids and active enzymes. It can be described as a wild resource of the treasures of Tujia cottage. It has become an inexhaustible source of sweet beekeeping business. It has been carefully developed by local craftsmen to produce sweet, natural and wild natural honey, which has many functions such as improving nutrition, improving sleep, promoting longevity and improving immunity. Nutritional products for all ages. This method is an advanced ??live frame barrel raising?? technology, which preserves the traditional method of bumblebee cultivation. In addition, Qingjiang wild fish, Tujia carrot cake, dried potato fruit and artificial deep mountain picking Medicinal materials, plateau fruits and vegetables grown in the original way of the farm, are the gifts of nature's original ecology. The songs of the mountains are like the waters of the Qingjiang River Marlboro Cigarettes For Sale. The wines are better than the scent of the scented dreams of Changyang Marlboro Red 100S Carton. We met Mr. Zhang Biqiang. We walked into Changyang and met the beautiful scenery of Changyang Changyang, the clear spring of Changyang spurting pearls, the deep love of Changyang Tujia, the unique song and dance of Changyang, it will be traditional folk culture and traditional diet. The true meaning and connotation of culture is a perfect interpretation, and it has a long history.