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Started by ylq123 2019-04-09 at 07:23
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cnetwork information sweeping, WeChat has become an important note that jumps into the tune of people's daily life. It is hard to imagine that this note is missing. When life is going to be what it used to be, we have become intimate and inseparable from WeChat Cheapest Newports Cigarettes. When I sleep in the morning, my hands can't help but reach out to the mobile phone. I have to browse through WeChat before I get out of bed, so as not to miss the important information I missed on the way to work. If I encounter a red light, I can't help but pull out the mobile phone. , shuttle in private chat Carton Of Newport Shorts Price, circle of friends, one by one. There are too many screens, and the messages are free from interruptions. Therefore, checking WeChat at regular intervals has become a habit of going to work from the original prohibition to see WeChat, to the later half-push, and now rely on WeChat as a push notification, layout task, Tools for contacting customers, promoting products, etc., for a moment and a half, can be seen in the age of information and high-tech unstoppable but sometimes when "spiritual chicken soup" is over-nutrition, when it is difficult to distinguish; when chatting, like, comment It has become a thief of the years, stole our morning exercises, stole our lunch break, stole our late reading, and stole the fun of our once-family relationship. I started not to look at the circle of friends? Retired? Diving? We do not know that today's WeChat has become the main medium for people to contact the outside world, it seems that there is a little bit of human fireworks. WeChat also has a circle of culture, and there are also unspoken rules that are customary. It is a delicate relationship between people. So, we were more or less kidnapped by WeChat, and weighed with a momentary awakening of the heart until the day before, my WeChat couldn??t open it! And a minute ago I agreed with someone to contact WeChat for half an hour. Suddenly, In the meantime, the six gods have no owner, the kind of flustered, the kind of eagerness to burn, and unexpected. I began to understand how pale the original struggle was because I couldn??t figure out why I couldn??t open WeChat, so I didn??t dare to act rashly. The whole person began to sit up and restless, doing everything is absent-minded, and finally made a trick: desperately shut down and turn on, let The glimmer of hope in the heart ignited in the power-on and shutdown... The most worrying thing is whether the documentation inside will be lost! Unloading! Reloading when trying hard to do anything! The WiFi at home is broken at this section. It??s really the house leaks and the night rain, the boat is late and encounters the wind and the wind, and can??t take care of the hot summer sun, the summer heat is pressing! My girlfriend just returned home, the time difference has not been reversed, I was picked up by me. Turn on WiFi and let my WeChat get a new life. The kind of joy that is lost and recovered makes the heart calm and steady Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale. It can be seen that the short-lived talk of WeChat tells me that the instant experience of losing WeChat is the same as me. That kind of anxiety Marlboro 100S Carton, the emptiness is exactly the same. It turns out that WeChat has been unknowingly rooted in everyone's living space Cigarettes Online Free Shipping Usa. A new thing can be popular around the world. It does have its truth but things are always dialectical. Just like WeChat, you can be at the end of the world. Can we do it: Let WeChat serve life without overriding life, let life control WeChat and not be controlled by WeChat, let WeChat play a beautiful movement of life